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Juicy Couture Bedroom Design

By Therobomom — October 07, 2012

There is something about walking into the Juicy Couture store that makes me feel like I am in a fancy candyland wonderland filled with jewels and gumdrops. It’s like candyland grew up, and added some bling and gemstones. If you haven’t walked into a Juicy Couture store, the colors are rich and pinks and browns highlight the walls, glass apothecary jars abound with candies and gumballs. Gold glitter against rich rose tones give the store a princess type of feel. So, when it came to redecorating my girls bedroom, I decided to go with a Juicy Couture Bedroom Design theme.


I purchased a beautiful pink paint color and a rich brown hue. This was during Christmas time so I bought a pink fluffy tree and some blingy ornaments.

On the left side, you can see the moldings were attached to the wall to look like a picture frame, painted gold, and I painted the wall with chalkboard paint.

The ceiling was painted a deeper shade of pink, and the trim was painted gold and tossed with gold glitter.

The doors were trimmed in gold paint as well, and I ended up buying a new vintage dresser, you can see it in the pic below....

It was a really fun project, the hardest part was getting the blue painters tape on the walls to be straight and perfect. Once everything was painted, we removed the tape and our lines were pretty darn good. In order to get the gold glitter effect on the trim of the ceiling, I bought gold glitter flakes, and while the gold paint was wet, I tossed the gold glitter at it and whatever stuck on, ended up drying right there on it. It gave it the perfect effect, and I was pretty amazed at how easy it was!

The chalkboard was pretty simple, I had a handyman take door/window molding and make it into a frame which he nailed into the wall. I painted the trim gold. In the center of the frame, which was the wall, I applied a few coats of chalkboard paint. The chalkboard was low, because they were shorter then, now they are getting taller and have to sit when they draw.

Tips on making a Juicy Couture Bedroom:

Get some great vintage pieces in vintage white or pink.

This is my Shabby Chic dresser with some Juicy Couture accessories...

Make sure to add some brown hues to offset the pink.

Grab some apothecary jars in varying sizes and fill them with gumballs, smarties, gumdrops, etc.

Hang some jewelry on the walls or have them hanging out of the jars.

More gold glitter paint trim...


And the Juicy Couture bedroom is complete!

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