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Low glycemic sugar: Coconut sugar review!

By Therobomom — September 19, 2012

I think I am a recovered sugar addict. I once heard that it is harder to come off of sugar physically, than it is to come off of heroin. I don’t know if there is any truth to that, but I can tell you that ridding your body from sugar is one of the most difficult dietary changes I have ever made. Of course, when I decided to rid myself of sugar, I went cold turkey, at the time I didn’t know about one of the most amazing sugars ever, that of the coconut palm. Read on for my coconut sugar review!

I tend to shy away from stevia, truvia, sweet and low, aspartame, and any other non-sugar sugars. :) I am not a fan of the flavor, and I can’t really stomach the aftertaste. However, when I tried coconut sugar for the first time, I was not only a fan, I was in love. So, here goes, my coconut sugar review.

Always a lover of everything coconut, I would love nothing more than to sit under a palm tree with a pina colada inside of a coconut shell, sipping away and enjoying the smell of a coconut body oil sizzling all over me. Yes, I really love coconuts. The greatest thing about coconut sugar is that you don’t have to like coconuts in order to enjoy it. It tastes like a crumbly brown sugar with a slight hint of caramel, almost deeper than the flavor of sugar itself, and to top it all off, it is low glycemic. Coconut sugar is filled with amino acids, minerals and vitamins as well. It won’t lead to sugar spikes when eaten, can be replaced cup for cup for regular white sugar, and is ideal for diabetics and dieters alike. It is also considered an appropriate sugar for those practicing the primal or paleo diet plan along with honey as an optional sweetener.

Coconut sugar or coconut sap is, from what i understand, the sap of the tree. The flowers that feed the coconut in order to produce coconuts, are responsible for this delicious and nutritious sap. However, the coconut palm cannot produce both the coconut and the sap. It can only produce one or the other, so it is not the most sustainable sugar out there. Either way, I am a huge fan, and would recommend it to anyone watching their sugar intake and interested in a new culinary surprise!

Did you know? Coconut oil is unique due to its fatty acid structure, it contains medium chain fatty acids, exclusively similar to human breast milk!

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