Navigating the art of life

Want free advice? Ask Robomom.

Got questions about food, love or anything else that makes the world spin funny? I can give you free advice, you may not want to take it, but I can give it if you ask! I can and will pretty much answer anything. I give free advice on Love, Life, Health, Remedies, Cures, Business ideas, you name it. If I don’t know it I research it for you, now how cool is that?

Looking for a product you once tried and can no longer find? Is your significant other being a mother ____? Got some funky thing on your leg, not sure what it is? Need advice on choosing a great paint color? Looking for a last minute recipe that will make your party fabulous? Is your garden of good becoming a garden of evil? Want to know where to find the coolest ____? It’s free advice, what do you have to lose?

Are you ready to put me to the test?  I will do my absolute best to answer all questions within 24 hours, and all questions will remain anonymous. :) Be sure to include as much necessary information as possible so that I can answer your question most effectively. Make sure to check back in within a day or two to see if your question has been answered. I can pretty much guarantee that it will! Don’t be shy, ask now!

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